PeaceWorks Partners for Peace Criteria

PeaceWorks' Trading Partners must:

  1. Certify in writing that they agree with PeaceWorks' philosophy of fostering coexistence through business, and that their venture with PeaceWorks will strive to further said mission; and
  2. Certify in writing that the enterprise respects human rights, conducts itself in a lawful and ethical fashion, and abides by international environmental standards; and
  3. Be located in a country or region that PeaceWorks can legally do business with; and
  4. Qualify under one of the following categories of companies:
    1. A company located in a Conflict Region, as defined in Annex A must either:
      1. Purchase a significant amount of its raw materials from companies owned or managed by neighboring peoples striving to coexist or from companies located in neighboring countries striving to coexist with the peoples or country where the trading partner is located; or
      2. Be co-owned by peoples of different, nationalities or ethnicities who have traditionally been at odds; or
      3. Be co-managed, co-operated, and with an integrated labor pool comprising of peoples of different backgrounds, nationalities, or ethnicities who have traditionally been at odds with each other, provided that a company may not qualify if the upper and middle management is strictly from one nationality, or ethnic group or background; equal and balanced relations at symmetric levels are required at the very least in middle or upper management;
    2. A company located in a Volatile Distressed Area, as defined in Annex B must either:
      1. Fit any of the descriptions laid out in section IV. A. (1,2,or 3); above, or
      2. Agree to enter into a venture with PeaceWorks that creates economic opportunities to the inhabitants of said region, and participate or encourage or allow the participation of its employees and managers in sensitivization workshops, cultural exchanges, and or their sending their children to summer camps that aim at building understanding, tolerance and co-existence with neighboring peoples they are striving to coexist with.
    3. A company located in a non-conflict area, defined as an Area that does not fit the definitions provided in Annexes A and/or B must either:
      1. Fulfill/fit any one of the descriptions laid out in section IV. A. (1,2, or 3) above, or,
      2. Invest or partake in a PeaceWorks venture with companies that qualify under sections IV. A. Or IV. B., or,
      3. Provide resources to a PeaceWorks venture;


      4. Donate at least 5% of the profits of its venture with PeaceWorks to non-profit organizations promoting tolerance, understanding, and coexistence.


While PeaceWorks will consider any project that meets the above requirements, preference will be given to projects that also meet the following guidelines:

  1. Labor Intensive: projects that generate a high number of jobs and employment opportunities will be favored as they are most likely to affect a broader segment of population.
  2. Export-Led Growth: projects that rely on exports to improve the economic stability of the region.
  3. Macro-Economically Sound: projects that make economic sense in light of the market forces and economic landscape of the region, and that take advantage of comparative advantages possessed by its players/participants.
  4. Micro-Economically Sound: projects that make business sense; that have a proven track record (while PeaceWorks, given its social mission, is committed to help those determined to persevere, even if with little experience, it will give preference to those with proven managerial and business experience.)


A conflict region is defined as a geographic region where undue hostility among neighboring countries or peoples has prevailed in the recent past and/or continues to prevail to a degree that a high probability of aggression exists among the countries or people located in the region.

Specific regions that fit this description include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Southern Mexico (Chiapas)
  • Central America
  • Middle East
  • India & Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • East Timor
  • Bangladesh
  • Southeast Asian countries formerly affected by Vietnam War and related crises
  • South/North Korea
  • China, Tibet
  • Countries formerly belonging to the Soviet Union
  • Former Yugoslavia and neighboring countries
  • Southern Africa
  • Northern Ireland
  • Crown Heights, New York


A Volatile Distress Area is defined as a zone, city, country, region or area currently undergoing such socio-political volatility, uncertainty, and/or instability that an average traditional foreign multinational corporation would probably choose not to invest therein or otherwise have any operations. It is alternatively defined as a zone, city, country, region or area where merely interacting with PeaceWorks could subject it and/or PeaceWorks to political, commercial, and or social risks due to PeaceWorks' associations with companies located in perceived rival countries.

Specific Regions/Countries/Areas that qualify under this category include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Palestinian Authority
  • Bosnia, Kosovo and other war zones
  • Cambodia
  • North Korea
  • Egypt