We invite you to learn more about the Peaceworks approach to partnership.

Please note that Peaceworks’ operations are currently on hold as we determine the next steps along our peace-building journey.


PeaceWorks partnerships center around businesses that:

  • make consumer goods potentially suitable for export
  • stand to profit from working in concert with their neighbors.

The PeaceWorks model promotes joint ventures among peoples of different backgrounds. We support these ventures by buying and importing products that result from such ventures. Historically, Peaceworks also assisted with marketing, investment, new product development, etc. At its peak, our company developed a distribution network in the food industry with over 5000 sale outlets in the U.S. alone. The criteria for business ventures has included professional management, price competitiveness, unique selling propositions, high quality and quality control, and products in line with market trends.

Peaceworks partnerships can follow one of two paths

  • PeaceWorks Partners for Peace is a program for companies meeting our social and business criteria. Historically, for companies who failed to meet our social criteria, but who sought to do so, we were willing to work with these partners to help in modeling and improving current operations to meet our criteria.
  • PeaceWorks Food Distribution Network is an engine for companies that do not meet our social criteria but have an outstanding business proposition and a willingness to contribute back to their communities.

Our Social Criteria

Social criteria require cooperation among people of different backgrounds, and/or peoples from neighboring countries at the trading, ownership, management, and/or labor fields. Social criteria can manifest itself by helping communities where ethnic strife exists, by trading with neighbors from rival groups, by having white-black cooperative relationships, by donating a percentage of profits to tolerance-building organizations or projects, by training employees and providing guidance on co-existence development, or by other creative economic means of fostering cooperation and economic development.

Ideal Food Products

  • Snack items with an ethnic flair such as chocolates, candies, fruit snacks, chips, cookies & biscuits or any ready-to-eat product. All natural ingredients
  • Prepared foods like refrigerated or frozen appetizers, snacks, or convenience foods.
  • Juices with all natural fruits.
  • Coffee and teas.
  • Sauces, jams, or other condiments.