Promoting Peace Through Business

This movie tells the Moshe and Ali story, and how Pesto and Tapenades was born.

Our Expertise

Our unique advantage is our successful track-record with mobilizing peoples striving to co-exist in embattled areas to produce top-notch food product. PeaceWorks first identifies potential trading partners, and then devises business plans that facilitates both cooperation and consumer value. We excel in sourcing/matchmaking, marketing, sales & distribution and new product development. We posses a vast knowledge of both the food industry and the U.S. market. Learn more below.


Thanks to a very diverse, international team, PeaceWorks can successfully source products in various volatile regions throughout the world including the Middle East, Central America, South East Asia and Africa. The quality of our management and the ease with which we are able to enter and thrive in foreign markets is reflected in our multi-cultural mix of experienced professional managers, many of whom are experts in their respective fields. Not only does PeaceWorks have the business expertise, but also the language skills and cultural sensitivity necessary to succeed in a diversifying global environment.


PeaceWorks always rides the pulse of the hottest market trends and even initiates some marketing trends of its own. PeaceWorks provides effective marketing consultation to its trading partners and yields products that set the stage in an ever-changing arena. PeaceWorks is able to develop effective market strategies resulting from our keen understanding of the U.S. and global consumer markets. Rooted in extensive research, our marketing team defines goals and designs aggressive strategies for each product, including customizing product formulas to appeal to American tastes. PeaceWorks' innovative design team is able to create and/or revamp products with new packaging and labeling to create brands that cut through the clutter.

Sales & Distribution

Our extensive network spans eight food industry segments, covers all 50 states and sells in over 5000 retail outlets in the U.S alone. This distribution network is continually expanding and changing in order to adapt to the new trends in the marketplace, and to foster future expansion into new markets. By utilizing the most sophisticated computer software and a comprehensive Internet strategy, PeaceWorks guarantees an ordering process that is easy and accessible.

Product Development

PeaceWorks provides product development guidance to our trading partners. We develop only high-quality products that are strategically positioned to excel in the global markets. Specialized teams experienced in "what's hot and what's not," research and review products and recommend changes that ensure products will succeed in the U.S. market. PeaceWorks process in choosing new products to further develop, market, distribute and sell in the United States is selective and rigorous. Typically, only 3-5 %t of the products submitted pass the first review stage. Only a product of exceptional quality and market potential is given development consideration. While we screen the products, we review the respective companies to ensure they follow our PeaceWorks' social guidelines.