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PeaceWorks Distribution Network Information

About PeaceWorks

The PeaceWorks family of companies is a socially conscious, award-winning manufacturer, master importer and distributor of specialty and all-natural foods. We also provide full service branding, identity development and marketing expertise.

PeaceWorks Distribution Network

The specific mission of the PeaceWorks Food Distribution Network is to import high quality specialty and natural food products that are truly exceptional in their value proposition and potential in the U.S. market. PeaceWorks seeks products that are complementary to our existing successful lines of products.

Exporting Experience, Reach & Segments

PeaceWorks is headquartered in New York City, with regional representation across the United States and three warehouses in New York, New Jersey, and California to fulfill distribution needs. We have an impressive 98% inventory-fulfillment record. Our Distribution Network reaches over 15,000 retailers across the U.S.. PeaceWorks has over 450 Distributor partners, brokers and managers that ensure distribution across every U.S. state.
PeaceWorks has extensive reach and exporting experience to and throughout Canada, Mexico, Central and South America and to several countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Within the United States, the company covers the following industry segments: specialty food stores, natural food stores, upscale and mainstream supermarkets, mass merchant clubs, large retail chains, candy stores, the corporate gift industry, and convenience stores.
The PeaceWorks Food Distribution Network also reaches the following secondary markets: ethnic markets, coffee shops, epicurean web stores, kosher stores, college stores, bookstores, the airplane industry, department stores, duty free stores, gift basket and flower shops, the entertainment industry, restaurants, and the lodging industry. Additionally, the company manages its own e-commerce enabled website to sell directly to consumers who cannot locate products in their neighborhood. We also publish a popular annual catalogue received by tens of thousands of consumers.

Product Focus

The company's focus is on snack foods, ready-to-eat meals, instant-meal-replacement, nutritional bars, and other healthy innovative food products that fit the lifestyles of people on the go. Over its history, PeaceWorks Food Distribution Network has exported and marketed over 200 products ranging from Mediterranean spreads to Mexican salsas, from South African Pasta Chips to Australian Fruit and Nut bars, and from Indonesian spices and sauces to Israeli candy bars. High priority is given to items that contain some or all of the following features: all-natural ingredients; organic; kosher; halal; and unique selling propositions. Price competitiveness and high volume potential are requirements for consideration.


The PeaceWorks Food Distribution Network approach emphasizes quality over quantity of the lines it represents. Each year the company may only introduce one or two new lines, to ensure both current and new lines are given the attention required for success. Rather than acting as a volume importer, PeaceWorks is a full-service product developer, brand creator and marketer. As necessary, we help improve or reinvent the formula, packaging and identity of the lines we represent to ensure success in the diverse and challenging U.S. market. Additionally, we assist with regulatory matters (food labeling laws, export regulations), design marketing programs to ensure placement on the shelves, and establish creative promotional efforts to ensure pull-through off the shelves.


We have earned an enviable track record of outstanding service and customer support. The PeaceWorks team is known for ensuring the satisfaction of its retailers and distributors, providing leadership and innovation necessary for our products to succeed. We see business as a long-term proposition and focus on fortifying bonds with all trading partners and customers.

Awards & Recognition

  • Food Marketer of The Year by Food Merchandising Magazine
  • Gold Medal by American Taste Institute
  • “Social Capitalist Award” from Fast Company Magazine
  • Socially Responsible Business Award bestowed at the Natural Products Expo
  • PeaceWorks Founder and CEO named a Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum
  • PeaceWorks Founder and CEO praised by World leaders ranging from Former U.S. President Bill Clinton to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan
  • PeaceWorks Founder and CEO named among Top 50 Entrepreneurs of the Year by POV Magazine and others